Customer case: Norconsult

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Norconsult is Norway’s largest and one of the leading multidisciplinary consultancy firms in the Nordic region, providing services to clients in the public and private sectors worldwide. With approximately 5200 employees, Norconsult is engaged in more than 20,000 ongoing projects annually, which include expertise in buildings, transport, renewable energy, water, industry, environment, risk management, architecture, planning, and IT.

Since starting with Wrepit in 2020, Wrepit is used daily internally in Norconsult. Katrine Drage oversees writing, updating, and referring to guides internally. The guides are updated regularly and distributed to a large workforce depending on them for their advanced work.

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Information chaos

Norconsult used to upload their guides as PDF documents for their employees to download and read. Because of frequent updates to their guides, this quickly lead to circulation of outdated revisions downloaded within the workforce, making collaboration confusing, finding the right content difficult, and leaving colleagues asking: "Which version are you on now?"

Accessible and Effective

Quote from Katrine Drage "it's so easily accessible and done very quickly"

When Katrine first heard about Wrepit, she knew it was the solution to their problem. Her objectives and goals were to make it easier for employees to open guides and find specific sections within content she had written. She uses these functions and features daily within her work and says, “I have saved time using Wrepit because it would take a lot of work and so many hours to make something similar myself. With Wrepit it's so easily accessible and done very quickly”.

Time Saving

"Before using Wrepit I had problems with creating a document that was structured in a good and easy way. I used a lot of time helping people to find the right version of all the documents, now they only have to use the URL to get access to the latest version".

Quote: “I used a lot of time helping people to find the right version of all the documents, now they only have to use the URL to get access to the latest version” Katrine Drage

Positive Feedback

End-users have been happy with the change. Feedback has exclusively been positive and getting help was easy. Having support from Wrepit easily available at any time has aided tremendously with regards to user errors and minor bugs.

Whatever the problem may be, Wrepit has always been on standby to solve problems and develop the product.

Katrine closes with, “Whenever you run into issues it’s never really a problem because you get help instantly. Wrepit always listens. You feel heard.”