Wrepit origins

The why and where Wrepit first started.

The first Wrepit office space

The idea of Wrepit, “Web-report-it", began in 2018, when founders Andreas Orsten and Eirik Eisinger were left frustrated and uninspired by the PDF format limiting what they could report to their customers when consulting for large companies.

Backed by Sandwater, we continue to grow and have secured a series of amazing clients who've realised the benefits of the Wrepit solution. KLP (Norway's largest pension fund), was one of our founding clients, having realized significant productivity improvements and return on investment.

Andrea's first Wrepit demo video gif

Instilled with the belief that designing a document shouldn't be so hard, nor require designers limited to a pdf output, we recognized that content is king and reporting should reflect a business's vision, by leveraging all the features and benefits of the web.

With everything moving to the web and a focus on going “paperless”, we felt there had to be a better way to empower content creators to auto-design their last-mile reporting, by creating dynamic and interactive reports to keep readers engaged.

By simplifying the process of creating web content, we've empowered our customers to effectively articulate their brand and communicate their creativity and professionalism, while democratizing access to their content.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” - Buckminster Fuller