Unlocking investor confidence through effective engagement

  • Engaging company overviews
  • Animated financial performance sections
  • Easily synced financial statements
  • Beautifully presented shareholder information

Introducing Wrepit, the platform that makes investor relations effortless. Say goodbye to tedious manual processes and hello to streamlined automation. With our seamless MS Word to web publication feature, you can swiftly transform your investor documents into polished online reports and PDF. Wrepit offers more than just automation. With our intuitive design features and animated charts, you can easily create visually appealing investor reports and present complex data in an engaging way.

Find out how Wrepit works in under a minute

Discover how quick, easy and powerful Wrepit is to use. This simple Workflow will show you how simple it will be to manage your investor relations with well-designed online reports and PDF outputs.

Wrepit offers tailored solutions to enhance specific sections of your investor relations. Take a look at how Wrepit can assist you in four key areas:

  1. Company Overview: Elevate your company overview using Wrepit's design elements. Bring your CEO message, mission, vision, and values to life with the help of Quotes from our Wrepit Highlights MS Word Add-in. Create engaging corporate overviews, showcase your organizational structure, key executives, and board of directors, and ensure your entire report is mobile, tablet, and desktop-friendly.
  2. Financial Performance: Utilize our powerful KPI tool from the Wrepit Highlights Add-in to animate key metrics in your online report. Keep your readers engaged with animated charts that bring your best numbers to life. Present detailed analysis of results, strategy, risks, and opportunities in a visually appealing manner with the Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) section. Highlight your business segments' performance and significance effectively.
  3. Financial Statements: Effortlessly manage your audited financial statements, including the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, and statement of changes in equity, with the "Excel2Word by Wrepit" add-in. Sync your tables from Excel to your MS Word working document seamlessly, saving time and ensuring accuracy.
  4. Shareholder Information: Utilize Wrepit's fact box feature to manage essential shareholder information effectively. Easily handle details about your company's stock, ticker symbol, stock exchange listing, and dividend history, ensuring your shareholders are well-informed.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of Wrepit for your investor relations needs today.